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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Working Version of Tim Burton's "Pin Cushion Queen"

I just love all things Tim Burton, and I have the 8" Tim Burton's Tragic Toys Pin Cushion Queen.  I just love it, but, I wanted it to be an actual pin cushion, so here is my version of the Pin Cushion Queen.  I think I may make more pin cushions and putting them up in my shop.  I don't know, We'll see.

As usual, I make it up as I go along, so, again, I never know how the finished product will turn out, but, I really like the way she turned out.  Keep scrolling and you can see the process as it happened.


 The Process:

 I made an armature for the chair out of 14 awg copper wire and then used oven baked clay to make the chair

This was originally how I was going to leave it, I even used one of my swirl stamps to emboss the chair for more interest.

  Then, I had to figure out what would be a good item to use for the shape of the head . . . hmmm . . . OH YEAH! A tennis ball. . . Perfect!!
The armature for the body was copper wire and thicker aluminum wire. I also made the doll body out of paper clay instead of poly clay.


I decided to make some hands and shoes

 Tennis ball removed

I have filled the head with sand to keep the pins sharp and put the hands and shoes on.

I decided to upholster the chair in some stretchy glittery fabric that I use for my mermaid tails because the Queen just didn't look like a Queen on the lilac and baby blue chair.

I also added a little extra wire work with a cabachon to dress up the throne, a few extra little twists and curls of the wire and Voila', She had a beautiful sparkley throne.

Then I decided to make a dress and stockings for her instead of painting her dress and stockings.

I made her a crown from yellow felt and trimmed it out with a satin brocade trim, a diamond ring and rhinestones jewels to dress up the crown. 

I base coated the paper clay with gesso,  gave here rhinestone eyes, carved out the mouth and then painted on the stitches and dry brushed a little red around the stitches and very lightly dry brushed a little pink over her face.  I painted her shoes black.  I wrapped each leg in some very shiny gold lame'.  I thought that the stitched mouth was missing just a little something, so, I decided to bling the stitches with red rhinestones.  

And here they are . . . mine is bigger than the original, but, I needed the pin cushion to be a real usable size, so, yep, mine is bigger!!  Also, the sand gives it a substantial weight and balance and overall, it is a very sturdy awesome working pin cushion.

Thanks for stopping and taking the time to check out my post!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vintage Saturday Evening Post images-Cold War Era

I just love going through all of our Saturday Evening posts. Check out a few from 1947

I don't know what form of art these will take, but, you can bet it's gonna be cool! 

Oh Yeah! That's hot! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Map Your Abandoned and Found Art

Map for Abandoned Art Locations

This little instructional should make it easier to mark your abandoned or found art:
1.  Click on this map and when it opens, click the edit button.
2.  Click on the section that applies to you: Left Art, Found Art, Even "Urban Threads" "Giving bunny" project: found on the  Urban Threads Blog
3.  Locate where you want to place your pin, click to place pin. VOILA!! Pin Placed!! 
4.  Edit the name and description of your pin and add a photo!! You're Done!!

Here are the Links for two Face book Art Abandonment pages.
(just for your info, these two sites are apparently not connected, I posted the map on both sites and was informed that it looked like I was linking the map to one of these sites, so, just for clarification, I made this map just for fun and it is not intended to associate itself to any page, community, etc.  It is strictly my own creation that came from my own experience of mapping Urban Threads Giving Bunnies locations.)

Art Abandonment on FaceBook

Art Abandonment Community on FaceBook

These are the Giving Bunny Icons for the map:

Left bunny Icon

Found Bunny Icon

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Visual QR Code TShirt Examples

Just wanted to post a few photos of my own personal Visual QR Codes
I created these for Backer Rewards on Kickstarter

I am selling these Oh So Kewl T Shirts on Etsy.
Help make our Children's Workshops a reality.  My grandkids are all growing up and I have so much fun teaching them to make things that now I need to expand my Kid Pool.  That means offering workshops to kids in our community.   This will be a family operated studio with 3 generations, Mom-Me, Kids, and Grandkids.

These are just examples, you can send me your own image and info and I will make one for you!!

My Personal Blog QR

My Personal Blog T Shirt 

My Backer Rewards T Shirt For our Kickstarter Project

TShirts for the GK's (GrandKids)
I wanted to see how colors worked. White allows me to use a transfer that is very soft and most like a screen print.  I have to use an opaque transfer paper on the dark colors because as you can see on the pink, the transfer doesn't show up very well. When I print on darker colors I have to use the opaque paper, which means that print is printed on a very, very, very, thin piece of tshirt vinyl which is a solid white background.  It makes a great print, but it is not as soft as the white.
Experimenting with Colors (White works Best)
 I do put a smaller qr code print on the opaque paper on the backs of the shirts because sometimes the shadows and wrinkles and the lighting that you are while wearing it may make the large qr code harder to read, so, the smaller one is basically a backup for you.

Scan this and it will take you to the Kids Kreate

My FaceBook Page

Just For Fun!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Help us Fund Our New Studio - Become a Backer

Just Launched our O.O.A.W. KickStarter Campaign!!

Check it out, We are so excited, We finally clicked the "Launch Now" Button. Sooo Nervous!!  We are trying to raise funds to open a new O.O.A.W. Artist's Studio.  I have so much fun with my kids and grandkids working on projects, I thought, WoW!! My little ones are all growing up and it won't be long before they won't want to hang out with their 'Ne'Ne' so much! (of course, we all know that would NEVER, EVER, happen!!)  We should hold workshops for the kids in our area!! Then, I thought, but, the way my studio areas are spread out, upstairs, downstairs, garage, etc. it just wouldn't work.  So, someone suggested, why don't you try a KickStarter project??   Well, I did try it once, I said, not too successful, but, I really didn't think it out so well, it was for my TattBabies, a soft sculpture doll inspired by "Son's of Anarchy".  Mammaw (my grandmother) always said hind sight is 20/20 and looking back I realize now that TattBabies needed more than I was able to do. I would have needed a manufacturer because there would have been no way I could have sewn all of those babies by myself! So, not getting funded was really a blessing!  Anyway, Moving On.

Back to the "Our studio is scattered all over my house" issue.  We really need a place where everything is centrally located and also have a space where we can comfortably hold workshops for several children or adults.  We would need an open space for the tables and chairs and also for equipment and supplies needed to hold the workshops. 


Hey, by the way, I could use a little help with my Backer Rewards T Shirt Design, This is what I have so far, but, I would like to have a lead line above the image something along the lines of "I'm a backer" , but I really want something that includes kids, art, and crafts.  Or, maybe I'll just leave it.  But, if you come up with an idea I end up using on my shirt, I send you one for free!! 

So, here is our Kickstarter Project that will help us achieve our goal of a new studio.
Click to Back Our Project

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh, No! I Split The Ring

Okay, I was trying to make Cody's 1983 Half Dollar Ring, and I hit it once too much and split.  There was nothing left to do, but, make something out of it. So, I made a necklace.

 I stared at this split 1983 half dollar, dismayed, what was I going to do, it was supposed to be for Cody, my son and I only had one 1983 half dollar left for his wife, Nicole.  
 So, it was already split, the only thing to do was to cut it all the way through and figure out what I could make from it.
 I decided to make a necklace, but, not realizing how hard it was going to be to shape this piece of metal, I struggled, annealed, hammered, twisted, etc. 
 and this is what I came up with.  I think it looks pretty cool, if not a little rustic, but that only adds to the charm.
 So instead of a ring, Nicole, you have this truly one of a kind,
 authentic, handforged
OOAW Necklace.

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